Bureau of Mineral Development (BMD) is performing overall management as well as providing exploration licenses, mining leases and quarry leases of all minerals (except oil and gas) available in the country according to The Mines and Minerals Rules, 2012 which was formulated in light of  Mines and Minerals (Regulation and Development) Act, 1992 (Act No. 39 of 1992). The main Function of this office is to visit and inspect mining operations spread over whole of Bangladesh in order to check mining activities and production statistics. Other functions relate to:

  1. Maintaining records of the area bearing economic mineral.
  2. Receiving of applications for licenses or leases, examination of such applications.
  3. Granting license or lease to the interested parties for exploration, mining or quarry purposes.
  4. Maintenance of records for licenses or leases granted.
  5. Inspection of progress in respect of licenses or leases and observance of rules and regulations, etc., by the parties.
  6. Initiating appropriate action against a party who fails to adhere to the rules and regulations of licenses or leases as prescribed by the Government.
  7. Maintenance of records of mineral products in the country and their utilization including export, if any.
  8. Suggestion for framing of laws, rules and regulations in respect of materials and also any amendment thereof.
  9. Fixation of royalty, rent, levies, etc., on minerals exploited and realization thereof.    
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